Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mushroom at Hidden Pond

Here are two pictures of the same mushroom 6 hours apart. It were found on the
Hidden pond workday last Saturday. For those of you who don't like to pull garlic mustard
I beleive that the season is over. Some of what we pulled Saturday was ready to drop it's seed.
We do have tee shirts for our regular volunteers, so come out to a workday and get a couple.
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  1. Hey Rog,

    Nice set of pictures! I found two more like that as well as about 20 other varieties across the street at Spears on Tuesday while spraying barberry. I have never seen so many types of mushrooms in one place before. Did you figure out what it was?


  2. I asked Rod Tulloss what he thought. His reply was: "It appears to be a species of Amanita either of section Vaginatae or section Caesareae. Both sections include species with significant amounts of rather bright yellow on the caps. Did anybody retain the sample?"

    This type of Amanita is needs documentation with specimens. It is very rarely found in the Chicago area.

    Patrick Leacock