Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hidden Pond Nov. Workday

These pictures are from the Hidden pond workday on November 21, 2009. We had 68

people show up for the workday and we had four high schools represented, Stagg,

Sandburg, Reavis, and Gary Comer. We burned two huge brushpiles and added brush

that was on the ground from work done by FPD resource management crews a few weeks

ago. We also had a group adding brush from Kean Ave., that was cut by contractors, to a

existing brushpile. Special Thanks to our regular volunteer's, Diana, Bob and

Michelle working the burnpiles, Joe on the chainsaw, Jan, Carolyn, Kevin, Doug, Kathy and
Kevin working with the different groups of students. A special thanks to Joe and Diana

staying to wet down the brushpiles. Finally thanks to all the students who worked hard to
get so much work done. Thanks also to anyone that I forgot to mention.

Roger, Steward, Hidden Pond, aka The General ( at least on this day )
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